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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About the new car:
Ported Exhaust
Torco SR-5r 20w50 race oil
AEM air filter
Magnecor competition Spark plug Cables
Toyota Supra 305cc injectors
High output Fuel pump
Lighten aluminum pulleys from Garage Star

Turbo set up:
A lot of custom pieces at this point
T25 28 water/oil cooled Turbo
Helicopter Intercooler with downdraft
High flow catalytic converter
Custom downpipe made by
2 chamber muffler

Engine Management:
MegaSquirt PNP
Tuned by, MX5 Unleashed

Mazda Miata 5 speed
Chromoly flywheel
ACT Stage 1 Clutch kit
Torsen LSD
Torco SGO 75W-90 gear oil

Custom drilled, slotted and cryo disk brakes
Hawk HPS brake pads

Front: 14x7 Kosei Rims 8.5 lbs
Rear: 15x8 Kosei Rims 14 lbs
Falken Tires

Adjustable front shocks
Polyurethane bushings

Added Gauges
-Fuel pressure (outside/through hood)
LED shift light
Short Shifter
Roll Bar


Front splitter
Projector lights
RX8 side skirts
Civic Si rear spoiler (modify)
Hood intakes and vents
Rear diffuser
Rear wheel flares from Autokonexion

torco miata

MX5 unleashed

top mounted intercooler miata mx5

top mounted intercooler miata mx5

8 psi
pump gas (Torco Accelerator at Autocross for safety)
around 170 hp in the summer and around 200hp in the winter
(Car is in Arizona)
Sadly the Orange car got totaled.

Here is build history of the new one:
MX5 unleashed MX5 unleashed
MX5 unleashed MX5 unleashed

MX5 unleashed
MX5 unleashed
MX5 unleashed MX5 unleashed